Sunday, August 19, 2007

country house weekend

i hung out with the kids i went to high school. they have all either finished grad school, are getting their second masters or entering law school, all at ivies. it was depressing enough but we drank fuckloads of wine and called into the local radio station about 6 times and got on the air three of them.. . i told him i had no idea where i was when the mc asked, which was true, and they give me a 'boing' sound effect when it was broadcast to make me sound extra drunk. (they tape these call in conversations first, so they can add 'boing' sound effects.) my gay friend got 'girl you really got me down' on because his girlfriend had just broken up, he explained to the mc, whose name was ron. i didn't mention my shoe box record label.

Anyway, here is one from omg.ftp to cheer us all up.


"my grandfather seemed sad today.

then i got home and wrote this and called it get up grow up because i was whistling bob marley all day and occasionally thinking about my life as a deliberate suspension of being a responsible adult. right. welcome to ny."

get up, grow up

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